Referral Partner Program

Our value proposition is the comprehensive support we provide to our referring partners as they are able to completely outsource the investment management of client accounts. Our offering covers client management & communication, administrative functionality, turn-key compliance oversight and governance, and custodian management.

The key to our referral partner investment program is the flexibility to adapt to each referring advisor’s needs, just as we similarly bring customized investment solutions to the individual clients.

For example, we offer flexibility on the investment transition process because we are able to take transfers-in-kind (funds or securities) or liquidate a client portfolio and start from scratch. We are able to offer both public and private market securities as potential investment solutions. Your clients will be energized by this high standard of portfolio management which will lead to strong customer satisfaction and potential for new growth.

For ongoing client communication, we are happy to find a collaborative solution to service clients in a way where we bring our expertise in support of your overall business focus.