Pension Program

Transitioning from ‘interested’ to ‘pension client’ follows a very smooth, logical process …

Contact Us: You can click on the website menu to initiate a conversation with us and invite us to reach out to you to set up an introductory call or meeting.

Plan Discovery Process: This introduction is all about understanding your current structure …

Do you have an existing pension program or are you looking to create a new plan?
If you have an existing plan, is it a Defined Contribution or Group RRSP?
What are you trying to achieve for your employees with your pension?

This discovery process is also an opportunity for a prospective pension client to get to know us, our team, our philosophy, alignment of interests, and how we will communicate going forward. At the end of the discovery process, we present you with a recommendation for pension strategy and implementation, and the fees commensurate with the scope of services we will provide.

Client Onboarding: Ultimately, there are two parts to the client relationship; One is with INTEGRIS as pension consultant – who will draft your plan text, participating agreement, register your pension with regulators, and draft the investment policy to set guidelines for the responsibility of the portfolio manager; Two is with Equate Asset Management, who are responsible for implementing the investment policy and reporting on a regular basis to the consultant, business management, and pension committee.