Custom Portfolios

Custom Portfolios

The ability to work collaboratively with our clients to develop and design custom equity portfolios fills a gap between traditionally managed funds and passive solutions. Our rules-based, customized equity portfolios enable highly curated and scalable investment management according to the specific needs of clients. Our roots in quantitative, systematic, and technical investing provide the ideal research and investment platform to execute this tailored approach.

We construct and manage bespoke portfolios for clients who want a fully personalized investment portfolio designed to meet their unique requirements.

Our Process


The most important step begins with a deep understanding of the client, their needs and how we can best support their objectives through a custom equity portfolio. Beyond performance, we seek to uncover what else the portfolio can provide – downside risk controls, managed volatility, yield maximization, correlation offset to other exposures.

Defining Investment Universe

The opportunity set across the investment landscape is enormous. We work with our clients to bring both diversification and structure to the investable universe. Those parameters can be based on geography, size & liquidity, stock-level characteristics (yield, style, sector), and a vast array of risk metrics.

Modeling & Stress Testing

We have built robust, real-time portfolio modeling capabilities to illustrate how a strategy has performed through various market cycles in the past. This allows us to fine-tune our strategies to generate a more consistent return profile.

"Going Live" Implementation

Transitioning from model to live portfolio is not as simple as funding an account and beginning to execute trades. We employ a systematic approach and overlay market conditions (e.g. volatility and liquidity) in order to effectively launch the custom portfolio.

Portfolio Monitoring & Rebalancing

A custom portfolio needs constant monitoring in order to truly maximize its benefit. Our portfolio managers engage both our quantitative, rules-based controls and an industry-leading portfolio management system to maintain oversight over client accounts. If any element of the portfolio is out of compliance with our stated parameters, it is flagged for rebalancing.

Strategy Review

Our clients’ needs evolve over time, which means we must continue to revisit the initial premise of the custom portfolio and whether it is still relevant. Given other factors such as asset mix, market and economic conditions, and risk profile, we provide an adaptive style to allow our custom portfolios to adjust as needed.

We believe the future will continue to bring a democratization of investment management with truly customized solutions.