We develop investment solutions across the equity spectrum, each with its own unique approach. We have a ‘keep-it-simple’ mantra that allows our clients to easily understand how these strategies will meet their individual needs. Our energy is focused on how we can achieve the optimal balance between return and risk with every portfolio we construct.

MVP Fund

Momentum, Value & Performance

Client Goal: The MVP Fund suits clients with a focus on growth and a tolerance for shorter-term volatility.

Architecture: The MVP Fund incorporates factors common to Canadian stocks that have demonstrated strong performance over multiple investment cycles. The MVP Fund strategy combines the best elements of two investment styles: 

  1. Trend Following: Momentum of Earnings, Revenue, Estimates and Price
  2. Mean Reversion: Stocks trading at a discount that are expected to appreciate in value due to their strong underlying fundamentals

Design: The MVP Fund focuses on owning companies with the best combination of the top performing factors in the Canadian market. We overlay a risk framework on this strategy that helps manage the volatility.

By design, the MVP Fund is very different from a broad index due to its focused list of holdings, equal-weighted positions and sector agnostic stock selection process. The fund tends to own a higher proportion of mid- to small-cap stocks and has an asset capacity limit.