We develop investment solutions across the equity spectrum, each with its own unique approach. We have a ‘keep-it-simple’ mantra that allows our clients to easily understand how these strategies will meet their individual needs. Our energy is focused on how we can achieve the optimal balance between return and risk with every portfolio we construct.

MVP Fund

Momentum, Value & Performance

Fund Goal: Deliver superior quality equity returns by opportunistically investing in the top prospective 20-25 Canadian stocks as determined by our time-tested Quantitative screens and actively managed overlay.

Methodology: The companies that rise to the top of our screens meriting consideration for the portfolio exhibit the best combination of the following factors::

  1. Rapidly accelerating earnings and growth expectations;
  2. Highly undervalued relative to their earnings potential; or
  3. Exhibiting solid price momentum.

The model is indifferent to market capitalization and, as a result, tends to over-weight Mid- & Small-Cap stocks. With typically little to no overlap with the TSX 60 or most typical Canadian Equity portfolios with a Large-Cap bias, the MVP Fund complements these types of commonly held investments.

Risk controls to lock in profits and mitigate losses are a vital component of the mandate. The strategy is active and tends to buy and sell stocks more frequently than many passive approaches, with a typical holding period of 6 -12 months. The management team has successfully employed this mechanism for more than 25 years. Over that period, market dynamics have shifted, resulting in modifications and improvements to the process. The MVP Fund represents the best and most current version of this time-tested discipline.